Want Fresh? Buy Frozen!

We fresh freeze and package our fruits within hours of being picked, which locks in nutrition, antioxidants and fresh flavors. It’s almost like you picked them yourself, without having to actually pick them yourself. Our convenient resealable bags allow you to enjoy them on your time, without worrying about diminishing freshness or flavor and that means less food waste. So, want fresh and flavorful fruit? Then go for Wyman’s and buy frozen!

5 Reasons Your Freezer Needs a Wyman’s Makeover

Seriously Super Fruit!

Rich in flavor.
Richer in immune-boosting antioxidants!

Nutritiously Delicious!

Tastes good.
Feels good.
Good for you!

So Easy to Use!

And even easier to reseal! It’s fruitful goodness on your terms.

Always in Season

Thanks to our fresh-frozen approach, Wyman’s fruit is always available — and delicious!

Lasting Quality

A fruitritious snack as fresh as the day we picked it!

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With a freezer full of Wyman’s,
your kitchen is full of possibilities.

Try these frozen fruit inspired recipes!