The Wild Story

Started in Maine in 1874, Wyman’s has always been proudly family-owned and operated. With over 17,000 acres of wild blueberry land sprawling from Down East Maine to Eastern Canada, we believe we have a duty to the land, and are committed to sustainability, food safety, and quality. Our farms are living proof of our commitment to sustainable agriculture and the health and welfare of generations to come. Our values and farming practices are shared by our partners in North America and around the globe.

Not all blueberries are created equal.

Many people don’t know that there are actually two distinct categories of blueberries. Cultivated or regular blueberries are planted all over the world, whereas wild blueberries have grown and evolved over 10,000 years, and are unique to the fields and barrens of Maine and Eastern Canada.

And with their rich history, come rich benefits.

Small but mighty, wild blueberries are intensely tasty because of their genetic diversity. There are actually hundreds of naturally occurring types of wild blueberries mixed together in every bag. This creates a unique and intense wild blueberry flavor that can’t be duplicated.

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