Our Planet

Forgive us if you’ve heard this before, but we only have one planet! And we happen to like this one very much it gave us fruit, after all. But this planet is not ours alone, it belongs to every generation that follows. At Wyman’s, we live by the principle that the needs of the present must be met without compromising future generations ability to do the same.

Economic profitability, environmental health and social equity — these are the pillars for success at Wyman’s. To hit all three means we are continuously improving our stewardship of human and natural resources — including one of our core focuses of protecting our planet’s bees. No Bees, No Berries, remember?

Stewarding our vital natural resources means enhancing and protecting our soil, water and air ­— for the long term. This vision extends beyond agriculture to include our processing plants, distribution network and sales systems.

Our People

Stewarding our human resources includes protecting consumer health and safety today, as well as in the future­. For over 140 years, Wyman’s has been a pretty magical place to work. In all that time we have remained steadfast in our commitment to improving not just the lives of our employees and communities, but also the lives of all those who will one day inherit our planet.

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